Sugar Plum


The title? Yeah, I thought it was appropriate considering the time of year and of course the color of these pants. Don’t worry, I’m not about to get into the Twas the Night Before Christmas book. Now, if you want to talk to me about the ultimate holiday movie, Love Actually, I’m down.


ON to these – I own a few pairs of colored pants, these are probably my favorite. They’re actually A LOT more versatile then you would think. I wear them at least once a week (yes, I wash them ) and they’ve quickly become a staple item in my closet. They’re almost (almost) as awesome as a good pair of dark-colored jeans. If you haven’t already dipped your toes into the whole colored-pant trend because you’re either timid about color or not sure how often you’ll actually wear them – try purple pants. I suggest a darker purple color; try to steer away from the lighter ones (especially during this time of the year) even maybe going into the maroon-purple (plum) ones.

DSC_1516_w Text

Let me also introduce you to the these…

DSC_1530_w Text

Plum Pants - Combo Image

Purple Pants

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