Let’s face it, most of us are on Pinterest for slightly selfish reasons – wants, likes, needs, loves, have to haves and so on. I am not denying this, I am a culprit too. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I was bored with the pins popping up on my computer and this one really caught my eye or maybe it’s really just this time of the year, but I decided to click on this pin.

Sevenly_Image 2

I got taken to a for-profit organization called Sevenly. Now, I’m not an ambassador for them or anything (though, I am thinking about it) but after reading through every detail on their website, all I can say is that it is pretty awesome. To sum it up, every week for 52 weeks (one year) they sell a limited edition custom designed t-shirt (or other wearable pieces) and then donate $7.00 (or more if it is matched) from every sell to a specific charity that the designed t-shirt represents. (Now, $7.00 doesn’t seem like a lot but if you read their FAQ page, you’ll find out why).

I know that there are many organizations out there that do things like this as well. However, when I was reading through their website, I looked at it from both a designer’s point-of-view and of course as a person who happened to come upon their site. I love this site/organization for a few reasons. One is the way in which their Our Story page is depicted – it’s both visually appealing and easy to read. It really helps a person understand what charities are going through these days, what is required for them to succeed and how Sevenly helps them. (Plus, their Team sounds like a really fun, motivated group of people). Secondly, I love that they actively seek out 52 different charities every year ranging from a wide variety of focuses including Human Rights, Water, Disease Prevention, Education, Hunger, Poverty and the Environment; then donates to one organization every week. I think it just really helps people have a more knowledgeable understanding of the different types of issues facing the world, who needs help and what we can do for them.

Sevenly_Image 5

This week, their charity is Knots for Love. Now, I’m not going to lie (and this is going to sound bad), but every time one of those St. Luke’s commercials comes on TV seeking donations for kids with cancer. I immediately change the channel. I can’t watch it. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s probably because I care so much that I always end up crying at the end of the commercial because I feel so sad for them. Plus, I feel guilty for whatever stupid or frivolous thing I’ve done or thought of. We always feel like our problems are the biggest ones but really there are people out there going through much bigger issues and I think it’s so important to remember this.

I also realized that I haven’t donated to a children’s charity in awhile (I used to donate to Toys for Tots around this time of year). Shame on me really. After reading through some of the Facebook posts on Sevenly and about Knots for Love, I just had to donate. Plus, with this donation, it’ll be matched (total of $14) and the best part of it—a hand-crocheted beanie will be sent to a child whose lost his or her hair to cancer treatment.

Sevenly_Image 1

It’s hard not to take for granted the things that we have. However, I think it’s so important that we realize the opportunities and resources we have to make a difference and take that in to account to do something worthwhile with what we are given. I encourage each of you to make a New Year’s resolution to donate to a charity of your choice at least once during the year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Sevenly but maybe with this little bit you’ll check out their website every week to see which charity they’ve chosen to support and maybe you’ll find one that you’re passionate about.


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