Black Out

Guess what? It’s the return of garden-posed pictures! I KNOW…you guys really missed these. I’ve been a bit behind on the style posts so I thought I’d make up for it and start December with a bang. I spent most of last Saturday morning recreating some of my favorite outfits I’ve worn over the last few months and flounced around my backyard with a tripod. (Not going to lie, I kind of missed it). So, this means I’ll probably be bombarding you guys with these posts (And by “bombard”, I mean once or twice a week. Which is quite a lot considering I’ve had the habit of not posting for weeks at time).


Now, I’m not one to wear all-black (I have a thing for color). However, there are times when outfits just look so much better when it’s given that classic, monochromatic black look. I absolutely love this dress – it’s just one of those pieces that can be worn with anything and at anytime. With a bit of color using my lipstick and a thin hot pink bracelet (I said I had a thing for color), I was good to go. Could it be any more simple? (Well….yeah, not wearing anything might be simple but also pretty inappropriate).




I’m off to gorge on Indian food and ice cream while watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Yes, this is how I roll.

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