For Him…For Her // Cardigans

I’m a sucker for cardigans. In fact, I bust them out year round – I’ll throw one on to go to the grocery store, coffee shop, work, the library  – I get cold…easily. I don’t have them in every color or style – just the basics like black, brown, gray, neon yellow, mustard yellow, white, navy, orange, cream, chunky, light-knit, sheer, sequined…I should stop.

I love them and I have to admit that I love them even more on guys. It looks good. No really it does. If a guy has what it takes to pull it off – I say go for it. Plus, there’s so many different types of styles that there has to be one out there that will work for him. If not, the sweater vest is equally as cute.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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