Andes Mint

If I wanted to be truly disgusting (and let’s face it there are times that I really am, case in point click here), I could probably eat an entire box of Andes mints. Wait I lied…not “eat” more like “devour” (within minutes…I kid you not).

Naturally, this outfit reminds me an Andes mint – because 1. I’m sweet like chocolate (FINE…it’s because I’m brown) and 2. Well, I am wearing a mint top. I’ve attempted the whole monochromatic color look awhile back and wasn’t too keen on the outfit that I came up with (seen here). This, however, happens to be an easy favorite of mine. Since, I wanted something a bit more work-wear, I threw on a white blazer. Also because there is so much color going on – green, mint, neon yellow and white – I thought I’d tone it down with a muted shoe color – nude. That way it doesn’t look too over the top and is appropriate enough for the work space.

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Photography by Fancy Flash.

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