A Peek into My Room

Last year, I gave you guys a tour of my closet and some organization tips. (I’ve since changed to those skinny velvet hangers, in case you were wondering). I’ve also been redecorating/reorganizing my room and I’m happy to say that I finally finished awhile back. I don’t have any before pictures of everything as I wasn’t anticipating delving into interior design on this blog. (However, I do have some images of how I redecorated my desk, which I’ll get into within the next couple of weeks).

My room is a little 10 x 10 space but I happen to love small, quaint spaces – so it’s pretty fitting. If decorated nicely, it makes for a really cozy space. If there was one thing I would change about my room, I’d throw out this giant dresser/mirror that I have. It doesn’t go with my style but it’s beautiful and expensive (and not to mention so heavy that the last time I tried to move it while placing myself between it and my window – I broke the window glass with my butt) so I’ll just have to hold on to it for now.

Anyways, so here’s a little tour of where I dilly-dally, watch awesomely-bad movies in, sleep, strum my guitar and really…just make magic.

I will be writing a post on ways to approach interior design but since there are so many images here, I thought I’d save the words for later on. If you have any specific questions of where I got or how I did something, feel free to ask.

By the way, what I’m wearing in these pictures, is pretty much my standard outfit on the weekends – a loose fitting or slouchy top and shorts. You guys really do get to see the more dressed up side of me on the blog…consider yourselves lucky. (Also, this is not what I wake up looking like or sit around doing all day in my bed…promise).

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