DIY / Neon Crafts

I really haven’t had the urge (or the time) to do anything crafty in months. I’ve had a pretty busy summer, which is why I’ve gone from posting twice a week to only once (with the occasional two-week skip). Things aren’t really slowing down and my weekends are usually jam-packed with activities and a worn-out body who seeks only the comfort of her bed after a long week.

However, while perusing through my Pinterest boards last week, I kept thinking, I can totally to do this. or Who has the time for this? or Why is that so much money and why can’t I just make it myself? Then I decided it was time…time to get crafty. After going through a “crafts dry spell”, I had this desire to just sit at home and be artsy. This, my friends is exactly what I did and if you follow me on Instagram, you’d have already known this.

Now, I’m not always crafty. In fact, I have to be “in the mood” if I want to do something, even if I am inspired. If I don’t have that focus or desire, then my plan usually falls through. I guess you could say that, that’s something you have to have with anything you do in life. I constantly want to do things and I keep telling myself This weekend I’m going to… then the weekend comes around and 80 other things pop up, so then on Sunday night I tell myself Next weekend I’m going to… then next weekend comes and…well you get the drift. I get so caught up in other things that I never make the time to just enjoy something that I love doing.

With a couple of inspiring images, paints, wooden letters, brushes and a super hot art thief, I decided to get crafty. (By the way, the art thief just happens to be on the show White Collar, I am not dating one – I know you were thinking this). I also designed frames for my Masters certificates, which is part of my 30 Before 30 list, I’ll snap some photos of those later. For now, here are some bits of neon:

5 thoughts on “DIY / Neon Crafts

  1. Love this so much – I have been so obsessed with NEON lately and looking for ways to incorporate it!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I am looking into making some jewelry of my own so that I have something neon!

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