High Bun Hair Tutorial


Instead of making a tutorial out of images, I thought I’d take a stab at creating a video tutorial – something I’ve never done before! One thing I learned – I would be the worst actor ever. Not only did I mess up over 150 times, I couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid I felt talking to myself in front of camera. Then cursing every 5 seconds and making silly faces. Now, that I think about it I should have kept the outtakes but I kept deleting them out of sheer embarrassment. (Even though there was not a single person in the room watching me).

Long story short – here it is. It’s a bit long only because I actually talk about the products I used and how to use them properly. Then I show you a few ways to dress up the bun, in case you want to do something different.

Check below the video for a few links to where you can get all of the products.


  • I said the teasing brush is at Sally Hansen stores – it’s actually at Sally Beauty Supply.
  • There’s one point in the video where I try to tame a fly away in the bun and I actually think that I got it but I didn’t, so let’s just pretend that I did.

***If you are not able to view the video you may need to “Enable Cookies” within your internet browser. You can follow this link to help you with that process. If you’re still not able to, then maybe I’ve done something wrong so please let me know.***


Conair – Bun Maker

Phillips – Teaze Brush

Tresemme – Dry Shampoo

Dove – Extra Hold Hairspray (It looks like they’ve recently changed the packaging but it’s exactly the same thing that I showed in the video).

2 thoughts on “High Bun Hair Tutorial

    • Hi! I’m doing good…thanks! I know – I love that white on white outfit. I just haven’t figured out how to do it quite yet since I have a slight fear of white clothes and always get them dirty! Hope you are doing well!

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