If you follow me on Twitter you know that I mentioned earlier that sometimes I really do hate technology. I had another way cooler post all set to go but it just…would…not…post. Why? Because my Internet browsers couldn’t support it. Cool. With that being said, I’m going to go back and work on it tonight. (Thank you Google for always having the answers). I normally don’t post on Fridays but if my computer can stop being so picky – I’ll have it up tomorrow. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, I decided to share the “Top 3 Things I Realized This Week” on Facebook and here are a couple of outfits I snapped this week.

The dress is something I’ve worn before on the blog here (I’m wearing it exactly like this – accessories and all) and then the blazer I wore here and here. I just went ahead and added them two together to get a more business-look. The stripes on the other hand, it’s an entire 3/4 sleeve dress in that same print and color – very comfy and casual. I paired it with a few necklaces, one including a cupcake trinket. I’m on my 8 days of no eating sweet foods from my 30 Before 30 list so I thought I’d make it up by wearing it around my neck. Why would I tease myself that way? I’m really not sure, now that I think about it.

This weekend I’m planning on accomplishing another thing off that list – Making a cake and icing all out of scratch! I’ll definitely keep you posted on that. (Oh yeah, and my 8 days of “No Sweets” ends on Saturday – Good Timing!)

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