I’m a crazy, crazy, crazy Olympic fan. So much so, that every time they come around, I get so motivated and energized that I think – “Hey, I can do this.” This has led to countless trips to the track, the Stretch/Gymnastics Club, practicing ice-skating with my best friend (on concrete), thinking…just thinking…maybe I can do archery, and the infamous synchronized swimming routine my cousin and I came up with and actually performed. Wait – you didn’t see us last time? Hmmm…they usually don’t broadcast from the pool at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s okay, you guys can catch us next week in London. (You know, we are so awesome we don’t even need those little things in our noses to help us breathe – we were just born to synchronize swim…yes we were).

I’ll watch the Olympics from the moment they start to the very last second of the closing ceremony. Where I’ll shed a tear or two not only because  I have to wait for two years till the next one but it’s really because I have to wait 4 years till I get to see all the super-hot swimmers and divers do their thing in the water. Ok…fine…that’s just a tiny portion of why I get sad. I really do enjoy each and every single sport and refuse to let anyone watch anything else for the 16-17 days that it’s on.

I am so ridiculously excited that they start in just a few days and cannot wait to get really pumped every time NBC plays the theme song, or when Bob Costas talks or better yet when I hear Morgan Freeman’s Visa commercials. You know you’re just as excited as I am.

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Photography by Fancy Flash.

2 thoughts on “Olympic-Geek

  1. “Born to synchronize swim”-haha. I still crack up when I think about our attempt to twirl.
    P.S I like the 3rd picture of you-it’s so fierce!!!

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