An Elephant Never Forgets

If you don’t know what movie this line comes from either you’re really young (which means I’m pretty old) or you were deprived of Disney movies as a young child. If its the latter, I feel a teeny-tiny bit sorry for you and recommend you go out and get every Disney movie made between the 80s and 90s…immediately. (If only for the songs).

This is my Dad’s favorite line from a movie. (If you haven’t figured it out by now – it’s The Jungle Book). I also think he slightly favors this movie over the other ones since it so India-centric. It’s probably why he quotes it every time my brother or I do something that we think he’s forgotten. (He’s very witty). He also believes himself to be very wise…like an elephant and he is. Sometimes a bit too wise if you ask me.

So you probably can’t tell from most of these pictures but my shirt actually has tiny little elephants on them. (Hence, the title). Can you see them? Since, I’m into subtle pattern-play and from afar this looks like an orange top with polka-dots, I paired it with this navy and stripe top. I thought it gave the entire look a cool Elephants-Meet-The-Nautical-World look. Since, its like a 1000 degrees in Houston, I decided to don some leather shorts. Very practical. I know.

I’ve even worn this exact same top combo with skinny khaki pants, white blazer and nude pumps for work. This is just the casual/dressed for dinner take on it.

Color by COLOURlovers

Photography by Fancy Flash.

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