A Plane Bright Rule

When: About 7 years ago.
Outfit: Black top, black leggings, gray cardigan, and flip-flops.
Occasion: Leaving to catch a flight.

Me: Mom, I’m ready to go.
Mom: You’re wearing that?
Me: Yeah, why?
Mom: Wear something brightly colored.
Me: Why?
Mom: I want you too.
Me: Why?
Mom: Don’t argue. Go change.
Me: Why?
Mom: If the plane goes down – it’s easy to find you that way.

I changed.

I always wonder if other moms have crazy theories like this…or is mine just extra special? I’m about to get on a plane with her this week; I’m wondering if the top I’m wearing here is bright enough for her.

I’ve managed to throw in some really basic summer pieces in this outfit – neon color, jean shorts, a fedora, a fun-colored beach bag, comfy shoes and a side braid (for those super-hot days or after you’ve been in the water). If there is one thing you need this summer – its jean shorts. I always have the hardest time looking for them; probably because everything stores sell these days can barely fit over one of my thighs. Why is that?

I finally found these at Kohl’s but recently helped out a friend who found some great ones at GAP and Old Navy. I practically live in these shorts during the weekends and will probably have them worn out by the end of summer.

Here’s last year’s post – 20 Sizzlin’ Summer-sentials – and I don’t think much has changed (maybe a few things here and there). Do you guys have anything you’d like to throw out to the masses about your summer-sentials?

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