DIY / Flowers and Feather Balls (Making a Simple Fake Floral Arrangement)

Since, I’ve become a Pinterest monster (you can follow me here) – I’ve been dying to do a bunch of creative things. Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time or the bank account to withstand these urges. However, I have been working on redesigning my desk and wanted a small floral arrangement on it.

My room is predominately yellow, black and white with specks of other color. I used these two pictures to help recreate what I wanted.

Photos courtesy of: and

I ended up using fake flowers because I don’t really know how to take care of real flowers and I probably wouldn’t have been able to locate black ones. To add a bit of creativity to the arrangement – I bought some black and white feather balls, and flowers made out of thicker, scrapbook material (all materials are from Hobby Lobby).

Making arrangements can be tricky – you don’t want to add too many things to it so that it looks tacky, but you don’t want to have only a few things that your vase ends up looking empty and the flowers fall out. Here are just a few tips I’ve learned:

  • Choose color combinations that match the room you want the arrangement in.
  • When buying stems, I tend to get a few extra ones in various styles. This is just in case, I run out or if something doesn’t look right, I can replace it with another one.
  • Before cutting the stems off the flowers – arrange them in the way you would like it to look and try to picture what it would look like in your vase.

  • Cut a few stems and place them in the vase. Then continue to cut one by one until you feel like your vase is full. You may end up needing to buy more or return the ones you don’t need (which is why I never cut them all).
  • Craft stores sell a lot of different stems, trinkets, flowers, etc. Try to mix it up – it always adds a bit of uniqueness to the arrangement.

I just finished redesigning my desk this past weekend so I should have those pictures up towards the beginning of July – Stay tuned!

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