Polka Dots and Pet Peeves



Usually on the blog, I’m pretty nice. I poke fun of myself more than others but lately people have really been…let’s just say “special”. Like all normal people I have pet peeves – that’s an understatement – I have a lot of pet peeves. Since, I really don’t have any other place to write these things – they are going here. Of course, not all of them are but just a few…(By the way the comments in italics – that’s what I’m thinking in my head. By no means does this mean that I believe you, the reader, are a culprit of any of these things.)

Drivers who don’t use their signals when switching lanes, making turns or cutting me off. Hello…these lights are not just for décor – how about you learn how to use them! Plus, I can’t read your mind – I have enough trouble reading my own, so can you please help me out a little bit?

Girls that come to the gym with full on make-up and itty-bitty clothes to hang out with boys and pretend they don’t know how to work-out. Full-on make up? I’ll let this one slide by because you could be coming from work. Itty-bitty clothes? Maybe you have the body for it – flaunt it. But add in the guy factor + lack of knowledge of how to use a machine…I just don’t get it. Why.are.you.here?

As soon as it’s 75 degrees down here – girls forget to wear clothes. Yes, I love shorts too – I live in them in the summer but can you please, for the sake of all society, hide your but cheeks IN your shorts. Also, please read my blog or pick up a magazine so you know how to dress appropriately – you look bad.

People who Instagram their morning bagel and latte. Not only is this stupid – I really don’t care and neither do your Facebook friends. I’m glad you’re able to sit down on a “warm, perfect, sunny (or rainy)morning” but like the rest of the world – I have to get to work so I don’t have time eat breakfast nor look at your latte with the cute little heart in it.

Women who wear whole panties with tight fitting pants. I’m begging you – please get yourself a thong or some seamless panties or some new pants. This looks really bad – really bad.

Drivers that don’t thank me when I let them get in front of me. I’m a nice person – I let you in so that you could go through the traffic light while I wait another 10 minutes because it just happens to turn red on me when it’s my turn. Better yet, I let you take the exit you would have missed because you were stupid and didn’t know what lane to be in. Are you so lazy that you can’t give a quick wave or a nod? Is it really that hard?

Aunties and uncles that keep asking me when I’m getting married. This is none of your business and unless you have a gorgeous 30 year old son, brother, nephew, whatever  who is not a total loser and is okay with a girl who doesn’t make round rotis then show me. Otherwise, I’m really going to need you to stop asking because it just ain’t happenin’ any time soon.

Phew! Glad I got those off my chest. Just to reinsure myself that I’m not the only crazy one out there, do you guys have any pet peeves?

On a much lighter topic, my Mom actually really liked this outfit and normally she makes fun of my clothes. I usually don’t go for the whole matchy-matchy look but in this case I went for it (if you read my last post you’ll know my mother loves matchy outfits). I’ve gotten some really good use out of these shorts and I love that they are a bit high-waisted so I can tuck in some of my shorter tops.

Top and shorts – F21, Black tie top – Old Navy, Bracelets – CR and Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Bag – Vera Wang for Kohl’s, Shoes (not pictured) – Marshalls

Photography by Ameeta.

2 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Pet Peeves

  1. hahah..w all have pet peeves! I also CANNOT tolerate men with sagging pants..showing off their undies! Girls taking pouting pics!
    Btww I love your outfit..love the blouse esp

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