I’m an Eggplant

My Mom has always loved pairing similar colors together – lime green with green, tan on brown, light yellow with sunny yellow, white on white, pink with magenta – I could go on and on. That woman has every color capri ever made (or sold at JC Penney).

On the other hand, I always (by “always” I mean for the last 17 or so years because before that she used to dress me) found this monochromatic look to be boring and lacked creativity. I should probably slap myself in the face right now, considering she’s subconsciously known all along that this trend would come back into style.

Now she can laugh in my face. Lesson learned.

Here I feel a bit like an unripe eggplant. I’m not sure if it’s one of my favorite outfits even though I do really like these two colors paired together. I think it has to be the style of the skirt – I’m just not feeling the ruffle-top the skirt creates where I tuck in the blouse. I normally wear something over this skirt but since I was going for a work-look I wanted to tuck in the top.

I went ahead and threw on this blazer to somewhat cover the top of the skirt and I think it helps the overall look of the outfit. Since I wasn’t wearing enough purple I thought I’d throw on heels in the same color. Again, it’s not one of my favorite work outfits but I really do like this whole monochromatic – trend (Thanks Mom). I’ll most likely save this skirt for more casual wear but it’s definitely got me on the hunt for a more sophisticated deep-purple skirt that I can actually wear to work.

Blazer – Old Navy (very old), Top, skirt, belt and bangles – F21, Shoes – Target, Bag – Primark – London

Now this outfit, I do like and have worn to work. It’s just to show you another way I incorporated the magenta blouse into my wardrobe plus a variation of the blazer—top—pants combo. I really like how this brightly colored blouse takes the entire outfit up a notch. It just proves to show you that one item can really make a difference and be combined in so many different ways with pieces already in your closet.

Blazer – CR, Pants – Target, Shoes – Payless, Belt – Primark – London

How do you guys feel about this “monochromatic color” trend? Yay or nay?

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