Jackie O.

In the past I’ve been told that I look like one of the Olsen twins – please don’t get me started, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls – duh, how could you not tell, Beyonce – again…duh. But never Jackie O. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say maybe…just maybe… it’s because I am not that sophisticated.

However, the first time I wore this – I got a Jackie O compliment! Trust me, I was very excited. Especially considering she is the epitome of class and sophistication. I doubt there is much I need to explain about this look. It’s just classic – the cut, colors, hair, minimal jewelry – definitely one of my favorite outfits (and work appropriate too).

I posted about these blue/gray-ish pants a couple of months ago on Facebook (see if you followed me on Facebook you’d know to have bought them, especially after I explain how awesome they are). First of all, they are amazingly versatile – I’ve worn them with so many outfits, from casual to business. They’re easy to throw on with any top, iron and wash (always a plus). I definitely recommend going out and buying something similar in style and color – you’ll wear them to death. I promise. Now I kind of wish I had bought two pairs. I think Target is sold out of them but I’m sure other stores carry something similar.

Top  – Zara, Pants – Target, Shoes – Payless, Necklace – F21, Bracelets – H&M, Bag – Harwin Street (Houston)

For anyone graduating this month – Congrats!

TIP: For all you college graduates – make sure you pay all your utility bills BEFORE you leave – they WILL come back to haunt you!

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