Hot Pink Highlighter

In addition to having an obsession with stripes – I’ve seem to have developed one for neon colors. It’s bad – I’ve already picked up this top and have added a skirt, belt, purse and a couple of other things to my neon collection.

This top is actually a lot brighter and pinker than what the picture shows, so it definitely stuck out when I was rummaging through racks at Marshall’s. It’s a tad too big for me but I couldn’t pass up something that reminded me of a hot pink highlighter, which just happens to be one of my favorite office supplies.

I tried to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple with a denim shirt, camel pants and opted for a few brightly colored bracelets. I do love that I can dress this pink shirt down but it can also be dressed up since the material is silky and the color is so bold.

I’m so glad neon colors are back in – they make such a great statement piece to any outfit whether it’s a top, skirt, shoes, belt, etc.

I wish I had a close-up of these shoes but I don’t because I just forgot to take a picture of them. They are super high, well super high for me. I’m not used to anything so tall so when I wore them the first time to work – I fell, like literally fell 3 times and almost twisted my ankle. I had to hobble back to my car that’s how bad it was.  I’m still learning how to walk in them but I love them since they seem to go with a good amount of my outfits. Will you ever see me wearing them out for a night out on the town? Not if I’d like to save my ankles. They’re my put on—walk to my car—walk to my destination—sit down—get up—walk to my car shoes. I know you guys have a pair of those too!

Top and shoes – Marshall’s, Pants – TJ Maxx, Denim shirt – Wal-Mart, Necklace – Harwin, Bag – F21, Bracelets – H&M and F21

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