30 Before 30

Earlier this month I turned 29. And if my math is correct…I’ll be 30 in a little less than one year. I’m not afraid. No really…I’m not. I’m actually super excited. (Quite unlike the times I turned 20, 21 and 22 when I insisted on hiding underneath my covers for a week – I was such a lame-o).

Instead of creating a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions this year, I decided to create a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I’m 30. This way it makes the year a bit more interesting and I can feel really accomplished when I do turn 30 (because getting my Masters just wasn’t enough).

Here it is! The countdown starts now…

1. Take a trip to Spain (or have my ticket booked to go in 2013).
2. Make my blog somewhat successful.
3. Learn to play 5 new songs on the guitar.
4. Record one of my guitar songs and upload to You Tube for all to see (and make fun of).
5. Get a tattoo.
6. Learn to bake a cake and make icing – all from scratch.
7. Design frames for my Bachelor’s and Master’s certificates.
8. Grow a pot of hydrangeas (and keep them alive).
9. Swim with dolphins.
10. Be completely open to and in dating.
11. Buy a meal for the person behind me in the drive-thru.
12. Take an East Coast trip to Baltimore and Washington DC.
13. Spend a day at the Smithsonian.
14. Send at least 5 hand-made birthday cards to friends and family.
15. Give up sweets and carbonated drinks for at least 10 days every month for the next 12 months.
16. Dance in the front row of a Zumba class.
17. Watch a movie in the theatre alone.
18. Pay off (entire) credit card bill.
19. Learn and utilize HTML and CSS.
20. Get my own place.
21. Get a Well Women’s Exam.
22. Carry my camera more often and take pictures of everything (even if others hate you for it).
23. Sew a skirt out of fabric.
24. Re-read The Great Gatsby – then go watch the movie.
25. Cross over to the dark side – get an iPhone or Android.
26. Meet with a financial advisor to discuss savings and retirement options.
27. Learn to cook Indian food (especially from my Mom).
28. Start a blueprint for a small digital graphics blog and side job.
29. Be focused and confident enough to prove to myself that I can do all these things and anything else I set out to do.
30. Celebrate my 30th birthday in an all sequin dress and party hat (even if I’m just at home).

I’ve also created a 30 Before 30 page (above) where I’ll snap photos and document when I completed something on my list!

2 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. I’m 28 and Indian… and this list is uncanny! see.. 3,4,5,10,13, 18,19,22,25… wait this is getting weird ;-). Glad I found your blog, I’ll be waiting for that wear to work series since I just got out of grad school. Time for the real world!

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