Be Back Soon

Hello Little Cravers,

I just wanted to drop by and say that I’m taking a short (very short) hiatus from blogging. I have a couple of good reasons (which I hope you will understand)!

1. I don’t have a computer – it died. I’m in the process of looking for another one and replacing all my files/programs. All of this is going to take me some time and hopefully I’ll have something new by April.

2. My sinus infection seems to have  come back (or it just never really went away – sneaky little thing) and I’m on another round of crazy, super strong antibiotics. I’m hoping this time it works but unfortunately they do take away a lot of my energy and make feel pretty sick.

So instead of worrying about my blog – I’ve decided to focus on myself and getting back on track. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that my infection clears up this time and I can go back to being normal thereby also allowing me to go out and find a new computer!

So please don’t go away any time soon – I promise to be back in April!

I’ll try to drop a line here and there so don’t forget to follow me on Facebook or Twitter. (Just click on the icons over there on the right-side).

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