Blue Da Ba Dee…

…Da Ba Di! Remember this song?!? (If you don’t, it’s Eiffel 65 and it was a jam). Sigh…I really do miss 90s music!

I don’t think I’m the type of person who can pull off crazy pattern combinations that come off looking cool and hip. This and this are some of my favorite combinations but I think they’re more on the subtle side.

Here’s another attempt at pattern play. I do like how the pattern on the pants isn’t so overwhelming that it clashes with the stripes on the sweater. It made a fun work-wear outfit, though I slipped these pumps off for a pair of closed-toe nude wedges. I think the next combo I’ll have to try is stripes and flowers, since I haven’t given that one a shot yet.

I also don’t wear so much of one color together but I thought I’d try it out and see if I liked it. Surprisingly, I do kind of like this monochromatic-ish color look – I’ll definitely be trying it out with brighter spring/summer colors.

Sweater and Necklace – F21, Blue button down – Ross, Pants – CR, Bag – ASOS (Gifted), Shoes – Jessica Simpson (via Ross)

I’m really hoping I get out of this weird sickness that I’m in – One. Because I need to go to TXSC this weekend. Two. I need to stop watching Disney movies on Netflix (the sad part is – I think they’re good).

12 thoughts on “Blue Da Ba Dee…

  1. You look absolutely amazing and so super stylish. I like all combo and how you played with patterns and colours. Cobalt blue works so well with striped topa and gosh that necklace is just perfect chic touch to this look.

    xoxo Ra

  2. First of all, I completely remember that song! I loved that song and used to sing it all the time. Though, I never understood what the lyrics actually meant. I still don’t really know…

    Second of all, I love your outfit. You are very beautiful and you wear the clothes with elegance.

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  3. like your necklace very much..and you pull off the whole outfit so wonderfully..!!
    and i hope you are well by now..:)

    i like your blog..following you..i would be glad if you follow me in here..:)

    • Hi Bulbul! Thanks for stopping by and your comments! I’m so glad you took the chance and started blogging – it really is a lot of fun and you’ll learn so much. Feel free to reach out anytime – I’ll definately be checking on yours.

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