DIY / Sequin Stripe Sweater

I happened to be watching Gossip Girl one night (don’t hate) when I saw this sweater on Blake Lively. At first I was like “oooo super cute!” – then it occurred to me that it’s just strips of sequin fabric sewn on a sweater and sold for $300.00. No really, it is $300.00, see here. As much as I love sequins (and of course dropping 300 bucks) – I had to pass on buying the sweater. BUT, I did get a “Do It Yourself” project out of it!

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I bought this yellow sweater just this past December. I ruined it when I wanted to wear it to something one day, but it wasn’t washed and I threw it in the washer. It came out looking like crap. After a lot of lint rolling, defuzzing and a couple of stitches I was able to put the sweater back together again but I never wore it. Here it is now, after one DIY, I’ve redesigned my messed up mustard sweater. So there (I’m sticking my tongue out right now) – you ridiculously over-priced Marc Jacobs sweater!

Materials Needed:

  • Sweater
  • Sequin fabric*
  • Fabric chalk/marker
  • Fabric pins
  • No Fray solution
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread
  • Measuring tape

* I couldn’t find the exact same sequin fabric as the one originally used on the sweater at any of my local fabric stores so I had to settle on a less subtle sequin fabric. Which was okay, considering I can now wear it to work or during the day for running errands and not look like a disco ball.

7. Repeat steps 2 – 5 for each piece.

8. If you want, remove each strip except the first one to make sewing easier.

9. Sew each piece onto the sweater either by hand (using a straight stitch) or with a sewing machine.

Here are a couple of outfits I put together with the sweater.

Outfit 1: Sweater – Target, Skirt – Ross, Booties – Payless, Bracelets – Gifted, Clutch – Thrifted; Outfit 2: Leggings – Miley Cyrus (for Wal-Mart), Pumps – Kensie Girl (via Ross), Clutch – TJ Maxx, Bracelets – Assorted

14 thoughts on “DIY / Sequin Stripe Sweater

  1. Love this tutorial! My friends and I are planning a Gossip Girl night, I think this is the perfect craft project for it.

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