$7.00…Well Worth It

I’ve kind of been on a casual-trend lately. I think it’s me trying to get out of a faux-winter coma. I do this every year – get super-excited about fall and as soon as its mid-Feb it’s like “Dear God, what is this horrid weather you’re putting me through!” (Yes, I’m an over-exaggerator). Then it’s hot. Like really hot. Then I want it to be fall again and well…you know how the cycle is.

I grabbed this skirt for $7.00 at Ross a month ago. I never intended to wear it so much in a short amount of time. I’ve worn it at least 4 times – once with a crème sweater, navy panty hose, and the same combo of gray socks and brown boots as seen in the picture; another time with this mustard yellow cardigan over a charcoal gray tank, gold necklace,  and these brown ankle booties, just like this and one more way (but I’ll show you that outfit next week).

I think I’ve got my 7 bucks worth out of this skirt. I’ll be teeny-teeny-tiny bit sad to see myself storing it away but since it’s made out of wool – it’s just not worth keeping in my closet over the spring/summer. Speaking of closet – I can not wait to clean mine out this year. It’s a bit sad but I’ve already started stocking up on a few spring/summer pieces – including a bright magenta blouse, a neon pink necklace, and a couple of sheer tops. Yeah, I’m ready for a season change.

While taking these pictures I tried to unleash my inner Gisele Bundchen-like super model poses.

I think I got it down pretty well, don’t you? (I’m so lucky that my tripod doesn’t judge me).

Jacket and Gray tank – CR, Navy tee – F21, Necklace and Bag – Harwin Street (Houston), Knee socks – Target, Boots – Ross

Have a great weekend!

P.S. With our lack of winter this year – my allergies came early; which means I’ll be taking less pictures outside (for the first part of March) and more inside. Mean while the garden gets cleaned (thank you commentor from past for pointing out that I need to clean up – you do have invitation to come help me 🙂 ) and de-pollinated. If I don’t stay indoors, you’re going to see me with watery, red, swollen eyes and a runny nose. Sexy. So, these will probably be my last set of pictures outside, for awhile.

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