When I Grow Up…

Remember in elementary school when you had to do the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” project? Well…while most girls put ballet dancer (yeah…ok…cool), doctor (typical), vet (interesting), mother (ummm…) I put…scientist. Not just any scientist – a PALEONTOLIGIST. Yeah, I drew a lab with me in it, wearing a purple dress and thick purple glasses (I didn’t know that when I really did grow up – I’d be lucky enough to get contacts – I didn’t dream that big). I also drew a really awesome skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex for short).

So, have I mentioned that I like dinosaurs? I do, even though I don’t know much about them, except that they were really big*, can be genetically made using a billion year old mosquito blood, and according to the movie Fantastia became extinct when Pangea broke apart.

Now, I can’t do a dinosaur post without talking about Jurassic Park. I’ll be brief. The scene in JP when Alan looks out of the jeep and sees the Brontosaurus for the very first time and that awesome theme song starts playing – I always get goose bumps (and a tear). This past summer, on a road trip to New Orleans that same song played on my iPod while we were driving under a rainbow. Talk about epic. I also have a thing for Ross. Not because he IS the funniest FRIENDS character but because he’s a paleontologist and that’s pretty hot.

One last thing before I shut up about my overly geek-tastic tribute to dinosaurs. While T-Rex is one of my favorites, I have huge soft spot for Stegosaurus. No idea why considering he’s slow and fat. I think it has to do with the spikes running down its back and tail. He kind of has a “don’t even try and bother me – I will cut you” attitude. Something my parents are afraid I’ll unleash upon my future husband. Myth.

*My Dad firmly believes that the size of dinosaurs is a myth. That their bones accumulated so much sand, dust and rock over the last million or so years that when people finally did find them, they were 100 times bigger than when the dinosaur first died. Then archaeologists when on to keep the actual size of dinosaurs a secret. They wanted the world to believe that they were these massive creatures, to give humans an awestruck feeling about them. Almost like a conspiracy. My Dad people. My Dad.

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5 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

    • Me neither! Every time I hear the theme song – it just makes me excited. I completely agree with you about the sequels – they’re not that great. I hope they make a 4th one to compensate for 2 and 3.

  1. Hello, lovely lady!! This is such a pretty & chic look. I absolutely adore all of the layers, your gorgeous belt and you look so fab in that hat too. Hope your weekend is a great one. xo veronika

    • Hi Veronika! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I’m a big fan of yours and love how your constantly layering great pieces together. Hopefully we can meet at TXSC!

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