DIY / How To: Hem Pants

When my Mom first moved to Boston from India she used to work in an ironing/sewing factory. This is why she believes the reason that I developed a keen sense of sewing is because she was pregnant with me while she was working there and I just happened to develop the ability to do it in the womb. Yeah…I’m just that cool. On the other hand, when she was pregnant with my brother – she used to be a huge party-animal (always throwing or attending them). This is probably the reason why my brother is a bit more of the fun, social guy.

I for one, completely agree with her theory. I ended up being short and needed the ability to hem all my pants.

Altering your pants (I kid you not I just typed “parents” instead of “pants” here…haha! You’ll laugh when you see the rest of the sentence–) is  probably the easiest thing you could learn how to do. (I wish!) It’s a lot simpler than it looks and you can do it with just your basic sewing machine plus save a good amount of money. Note: you can buy jean thread at your local fabric/craft store.

1. With your pants already on and a pair of shoes that you would normally wear – either you or someone else can measure how much of the leg you need to hem, measure it and mark it with a pin in the bottom fold of the pant (see image 2).

2. Turn the pants inside out and lay them on a flat surface. Make sure that the bottoms of the pants match up then roll the hem up to the desired number of inches or until you can see the pin at the bottom of the pant leg and measure it to make sure it is the desired number of inches.

3. Unroll the hem, then roll it back up, one inch at a time until you reach the marked pin. If you need to roll it more than twice than you will need to cut an inch or so from the bottom so that you’re not sewing through too many layers of fabric. (This could break your needle).

4. Pin the pants at various points along the rolled up hem.

5. Sew a straight seam using the markers on your sewing machine as a guideline. (If you’re hand stitching them you may want to mark the pants with fabric pencil and follow that line).

6. Make sure to make the ends meet. Cut the thread and turn pants inside out.

That’s it! Now you can go sew your next favorite dress.

6 thoughts on “DIY / How To: Hem Pants

  1. great tutorial! now i just need to learn how to thread my machine! =) but really, this is great. i have more dresses than pants that need hemming, but i really should get on it!

    • Hi Haley! Thanks for the comment! Yes, sometimes You Tube videos can be so overwhelming! If you’re not going for a super-professional stitch – this tutorial I posted is great for those simple alterations that no one is really going to notice.

      I look forward to meeting you too at TXSC – Stay in touch!

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