The Dreaded Shopping Cart

I will always be the person who chooses the wrong shopping cart. The one that squeaks, is wet (even if it’s not raining), has a broken wheel (that looks like it is having a seizure), makes the thump-thump-thump sound (that everyone stops what they’re doing so they can see what is making that god awful sound), the one I have to tug/push with all my force or the one that is so bad it feels like I’m driving an 18-wheeler when I make right turns. Then to top it all off, I’ll take my special cart and roll up to the line that always takes forever. Always.

However, I’d like to thank the women who made me wait an extra 10 minutes because she wanted to write a check for $0.85 (Did you really need that bag of M&Ms?) but couldn’t find her drivers licence, to the one who KNEW I only had two items in my cart but stopped for a second to look at a “Nutella On the Go” and STILL went ahead of me with her shopping cart full to the brim (What a cheap shot.), to the one who has 30 coupons (and wants to use them ALL), to the checker who…….is……soooo……sloooooow, or to that very special women who saw that I was in line before her but tried to inch her shopping cart ahead of mine and pretend to not know what she was doing. (I see you.) You are the reason, that stores now have one streamlined checkout – so you can’t cheat. Now it’s one less decision I have to make in my overly-complicated life but can my shopping carts stop being such haters?

Top – MNG by Mango (via JC Penney), Skirt and Scarf – F21, Tights and Booties – Target, Bracelets – Assorted, Clutch – Wal-Mart

I’m still sporting chunky knits and the skirt/tights combo. I haven’t worn either one of these pieces in awhile (last seen here and here). Since color-blocking is still pretty huge even during the winter months, I thought I’d give it a go and was actually pleased with the overall look and feel of the outfit. My only complaint – fishnet stockings still kind of make my feet sweat. Ewww. I know – but I really have no one else to tell this to except you guys. My apologies.

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