My Cousin’s Engagement Ceremony

My cousin recently got engaged and had a super cute engagement party. They kept it very intimate with just close friends and family plus it had just the right mix of color, fun and good food (especially their drool-worthy dessert table)!

She also did a fantastic job of coming up with sweet and original ideas to describe their relationship – from showing snap shots of their traveling adventures, picking out their favorite desserts (including individually packaged s’mores and homemade macarons) to designing little ceremonial-offering baskets, each with a word describing them made out Scrabble tiles. (By the way, her sari for the ceremony was fabulous!)

Here are just a few glimpses from the happy couple’s ceremony!

Photos taken by Ameeta and I.

P.S. Menx – if you’re reading this…this is only 1/100th of all the pics taken! I sent you a couple of links to Snapfish with more pictures, hopefully you got to see them all the way in España!

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