Emerald Skirt

Is it just me or are you guys also a teeny-tiny bit sad that the Holidays are already O-V-E-R? The last two weeks have been jam-packed with fun, from making tacky Santa Clause hats with my cousins on Christmas (actually replace the word “tacky” with “god-awful”), reading The Hunger Games on my new Kindle (love this thing), going to Austin (pretty much to eat at Trudy’s, Veggie Heaven and to become nostalgic by the smells of campus), watching movie after movie (Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – Why were you made?), and lastly to top it all off – watching the movie New Year’s Eve on…wait for it…wait for it…New Year’s Eve! Craaazy. Trust me, my life is really not this cool – it’s just the last two weeks.

The anticipation of what’s to come in 2012 has got me really excited – from attending close friends and family weddings, continuing to fill up my Pinterest boards with loads of inspiration and things I can’t afford, and to the most important of them all – really making the most out of the last year of my 20s. (More about my 30 Before 30 list to come!)

On to my first post for 2012! A lot of my inspiration comes from pictures I see in magazines, catalogues, other blogs, Pinterest and celebs. Nicole Richie happens to be one of my favorite fashion icons – the outfit she wore below inspired me to wear something similar to my work Christmas party.

I’ve found myself pairing comfy knits, skirts, blazers, patterned/colored tights and booties together to form a pretty standard fall/winter outfit for me. These outfits are extremely easy to put together and great for those times when you want to be dressed up yet casual.

Blazer – TJ Maxx, Light gray sweater – Ross, Skirt, Clutch, and Knit hat – F21, Tights and Booties – Target, Necklace – Harwin Street (Houston)

You can take a printed top and pair it with solid colors (below), or take the colors off a printed skirt and use those same hues for the top and tights then throw on a black/navy blazer, or just incorporate various colors like I did.

 Top: H&M – $5.95 Blazer: H&M – $34.95, Necklace: Forever 21 – $12.80, Booties: Charlotte Russe – $32.50, Skirt: Forever 21 – $10.00, Tights: Express – $22.90 (I’m sure you can find these somewhere else for a lot cheaper!)

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