DIY / Polka Dot Scarf

One day I was staring at a black scarf in my closet (because you know – this is what I do for fun). The next day I was at Michael’s craft store (because this is what I do when I want to have craaazy fun). That’s where I saw the round sponge. So for some SUPER fun—I bought that round brush with some white fabric paint, took them home, got out my black scarf and put polka-dots on it. Craaazy – I know! (This is where you think “Wow! This girl is really fun – I definitely need to hang out with her!”) Just Kidding!

This is a pretty easy DIY. The only thing is that it does take 4 – 5 hours for the fabric paint to dry. So if  you plan on making it or giving it as a gift – try to do it at least a 1-2 days beforehand. Here are the steps:

1. Gather all materials.

Fabric paint (2 bottles)
Circle sponges
Scarf (plain)
Lint remover
Hard, flat surface

2. Iron one side of scarf. Then roll lint remover over entire scarf, otherwise the lint will stick to paint when you start sponging.

3. Lay scarf on hard surface. Squeeze paint onto washable/Styrofoam dish. Dip circle sponge into paint then press firmly onto scarf, making sure you create an evenly painted circle.

4. Continue across entire scarf in the pattern that you desire. After completing – wait 15 minutes then go back and place another evenly coated circle over each dot already painted. This will nicely coat each dot to give it vibrant color. Let one side dry for at least 4 hours then go back and repeat on the other side.

Check your local craft stores (I went to Michael’s) for fabric paint, sponges, and stencils.

Here’s my twist on polka dots and stripes – 2 of my all time favorite things. Initially it may seem like there is a lot going on – with 2 kinds of stripes (horizontal and vertical) but since they’re both black and white it doesn’t really clash. In fact, it is kind of subtle since the busier stripe top is underneath. The black polka dot scarf still stands out because there is a good amount of white space on the sweater. The rest of the outfit is pretty casual with trousers, booties and glasses.

Scarf – DIY, Stripe tops – F21, Pants – TJ Maxx, Booties – Target, Bracelets – Assorted, Clutch – Vintage

I planned on doing a holiday make-up post on Thursday but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to get it together (I’ll have it soon), instead I’ll be sharing my all-time favorite recipe – check back on Thursday!

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