DIY / Glitter Flowers

We all know that flowers are beautiful but sometimes I like to add a little detail to something, just to give it that extra flare. I thought I’d spruce these simple mums up by adding a bit of glitter to the tips of their petals. Not only is this one of the easiest presents I’ve ever given but it also gives the entire arrangement a fun, inviting look that others will stop to take a closer look at. They also make great centerpieces if you’re looking to decorate a table for this upcoming holiday season or just make as decor.

You can do this to just about any real or fake arrangement all you will need is:

Fresh/fake flowers
Food coloring
Clear glue
Paper plates

1. To avoid any glitter and glue mishaps, lay a few pieces of newspaper on a flat surface that you can work on.

2. Squeeze your desired color of food coloring into a vase of water; add as much coloring as you want. If you’d like the tips of the flowers to change color (over a span of a few days) you will need to add a good dose of food coloring. I used blue and green to make a teal color.

3. Pour ample amounts of glue and glitter on different plates. (More glitter and glue can be added depending on the number of flowers to decorate).

4. Dip flower into glue, pressing firmly to cover tips that don’t initially touch the glue.

5. Dip flower into glitter, pressing firmly to cover glue. (You may need to change the plate and pour more glitter, depending on the number of flowers).

6. Continue for each flower and then place into vase.

8. Tie ribbon around neck of vase. Decorate as you see fit.

Remember you want to start putting the arrangement together a couple of hours before you plan on setting them out or giving them as a present so that the glue can dry.

I’ll be pretty busy the rest of the week focusing on Thanksgiving dinner, catching up with friends and my cousin’s upcoming engagement party so I won’t be posting until next week.  Until then, have a very Happy Thanksgiving (if you’re celebrating)!

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