Monkey Bars

I love that this outfit has such a fall-vibe to it, with its rich, bright colors, dark skinny jeans, boots, and a berry lip color. A few years ago I would have never thought of putting red, bright blue, white and golden-tan together. Now I’m a lot more open to bold color combos and this was no exception.

Like I’ve mentioned in posts from earlier this year – don’t be afraid to mix various colors. My advice is that if you see a color combo in a magazine, on TV, in a picture, on-line, at the grocery store, etc. that you really like, try and see if you can come up with an outfit based on those colors. Color blocking is one fashion trend that seems to keep getting stronger season after season so there’s no point in ignoring it. Again, you never know if you don’t try and no one says you can’t try in the privacy of your own place. If you hate it – disregard it, no one will ever know.

These just happen to be one my favorite purchases for this season. I’m loving the button detailing on them as it gives the boots an old English feel to them, while the color and shape give off a Western look. I almost feel like I could throw them on, jump on a horse and go riding with the Royals…they wish.

One of the great things about having a photographer is that you get to take fun pictures like this.

I haven’t done this in quite a few years so the initial rush of blood to my head threw me off for a bit. (I wonder how bats do it)? I used to be pretty good at monkey bars, penny drops (remember those?) and any other recess activity that required some sort of competitive edge. It’s weird but the aches and calluses in my hands only further proved that I was sooooo going to beat the next person that challenged me! Oh the fond memories of elementary recess, except for the time I fell from the monkey bars, landed on my back and had to have my Dad carry me home. No worries – I was back on those monkey bars at recess on Monday. Nothing could keep me away.

Blazer, shirt, necklace, jeans – F21, Boots – Ross, Clutch – Vintage, Lipstick – MAC Viva Glam I

Photography by Ameeta.

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