A Red Field

Let me introduce you to the newest addition in my wardrobe – my red blazer. I was a bit doubtful when I picked up this blazer as I’m still not used to such bold pieces and this to me is pretty loud. Whenever I pick up something like this, I quickly ask myself a few questions – Can I wear this all year round? Are there are at least two or three outfits I can pair it with? Can I wear it both casually and as business wear? In the end, is it worth it to me? In my case – it surprisingly was.

It’s become as versatile as my black or navy blazers and I find myself gravitating towards it when I want to add a splash of color to an ensemble. I also love the fit, style and especially the color – it’s bright enough for the spring/summer months yet still has a rich hue, perfect for the fall/winter. It’s a transitional piece that I think is key when buying certain items, especially those that are a bit more expensive.

Though, this blazer is only $30 – I was buying it from Forever 21, where most things should not be that much, but they are. It turns out that the material of the blazer gives it a sophisticated look since it’s made out of the same fabric as suits that you can find at Ann Taylor, Express or a department store. In the end, it was definitely worth the purchase.

As for wearing it casually, I paired it with this dress that Ameeta bought for me from H&M, fishnet tights, booties, and gold jewelry. If I wanted to wear this to work – I can see myself pairing it with black trousers, silky black top, nude heels, leopard print belt and topping it off with the blazer.

Blazer – F21, Dress – H&M, Fishnet Tights – Target, Booties – Payless, Bag – Primark – London, Jewelry – Borrowed from Ameeta

It seems these days, some of the most unexpected pieces and colors quickly become your staple items. You’ll find yourself straying away from some go-to pieces such as black and navy blazers, black pants, dark blue jeans and replacing them with colored or printed blazers, pants, jeans or shoes. Don’t be shy when straying away from your norm – just make sure you’re comfortable in it and it’s something you plan on wearing a few times so you get your money’s worth.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday night!

P.S. I hear the wind picking up and howling outside – it can only mean one thing – it’s finally cold in Houston! (Knowing this city, it’ll probably only last a few days – we’ll be sweating in our boots and jackets come next week or freezing if it snows…yeah like that’s ever going to happen!)

Photography by Ameeta.

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