DIY / Scallop Shorts

These shorts are actually a DIY (Do It Yourself) project that I did a little while back. After seeing scalloped shorts in various ads – I decided that they were too cute to pass up and I wanted to learn how to make them. It actually turned out to a lot simpler than I thought and there was no sewing required! I ended up using a pair of shorts I purchased at GAP that were a bit too long and made me look stumpy – this was a perfect way to take some inches off and create a piece of clothing that I’d wear more often.

If you like these scallop shorts – here’s a super simple way on how to make them. All you will need is:

Pair of shorts
Shears (good ones that cut fabric)
Round top (from a medicine bottle, spice bottle, etc. – just depends on how big you want the scallops)
Fabric pencil
Measuring tape
No Fray fabric glue

1. Measure how much of the shorts you want to cut off. I recommend putting the shorts on first and marking where you want the bottom of the shorts to be (this will be the bottom of the scallop), remember some areas are cut a bit higher so make sure you measure it to a suitable length.

2. Turn the shorts inside out and line up the bottom edges. Then take your measuring tape and measure how many inches it is from the bottom of the shorts to where you marked them and place a tiny mark using a fabric pencil. Starting on one edge of the shorts measure up to the desired number of inches and place another mark. Continue to do this across the entire width of the shorts, then repeat for the other leg.

3. Taking your fabric shears cut along the dotted line you’ve just drawn out. Using the circular top begin to draw full circles along the bottom edge of the shorts. When doing this, keep the top a tiny bit above the edge of the shorts – just enough so you can cut it so it looks like a circle at the bottom. Continue to do this along the entire bottom edge, then repeat on the other leg.

4. Then cut along the bottom as shown below. Lastly, apply No Fray glue along the edge (see instructions on bottle).

That’s it! It’s such an easy way for you to hem a pair of shorts that are too long while still adding a bit of flare or recycling an old pair of shorts that you’re tired of.

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