Where do I find nude pumps?

I’ve noticed that my Where do I find nude flats? post has been pretty popular amongst the people who visit my blog. Along with nude flats, I also recommend investing in a good pair of nude pumps – they’re the new go-to black pump replacement.  Not only do they complement almost every outfit but they’re also great for elongating your legs, and making you look taller.

Just like nude flats, I recommend getting patent or leather since it looks more sophisticated and lasts awhile. Suede is also a good option – I found a couple that I liked below. Again this category doesn’t consist of just the color “nude” but also tan, beige, toffee, bone, taupe, blush, and so on. The closer the color is to your own skin tone the taller the shoe will make you look.

Here are some that I found in various styles, materials, and tones. I’m not sure about the comfort level but of course that all depends on you. Some are a bit pricier than others but you can always check out the stores to see more styles and prices.

1.Target – Mossimo Pearce – $29.99 2. Nine West – Abalene – $89 3. Target – MB Palma – $29.99 4. Payless Shoe – Katy Bow – $29.99 5. Zara – $49.90 6. Payless – Lela Rose – $54.99 7. Nine West – Jaye – $89 8. ALDO – Lomack – $80 9. Nine West – Frontal – $79 10. Target – Mossimo Versie – $29.99

Target seemed to have a great selection – I also liked this one and this one. Other stores you can check out (in addition to the ones above) are Steve Madden, DSW, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Banana Republic, and any department stores (JC Penney, Nordstrom, Sears, etc.).

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