Surfin’ on Wind

This is exactly how I looked when I went surfing in Miami last year.

Just Kidding! Me + Surfboard  = Disaster! I never caught a wave let alone got on the board and I have never been so bruised and banged up in my life. I almost got blown off this board as well – see last picture. Land or sea – surfboards are my foe.  

With summer quickly coming to an end, I thought these pictures Ameeta and I took earlier were perfect for the end of the season. I love everything about these shots – the colors, the lighting, the background, the wind, the fun umbrella…

I also adore the cool, casual look of this outfit; combining an airy grey tee with a beautiful leaf pattern on it and pops of color with a sunflower scarf (also seen here), and bracelets. I bought these shorts last year from H&M – I love the color, length, and fit – I only wish I had bought more pairs of them.

Don’t you love the way the sun shines through the leaves and on to the umbrella? Such a pretty shot – (great job Ameeta!)

On a side note, did anyone snag any Missoni for Target items? I was a tiny bit bummed on Tuesday when I went to Target to look at the new Missoni line…not a single piece was left. Apparently, Houston does know who Missoni is and raided the Targets at 8:30 in the morning with such a sheer force, that sales associates described it as “tornado” with everything being sold in 30 minutes – whoa! It’s okay, I’ll just wait till they re-stock and in a few weeks go back when they’ve been marked down like crazy!

Light Gray Top – TJ Maxx, Shorts – H&M, Scarf – Burlington, Bracelets – Assorted, Nude Wedges – Ross

Photography by Ameeta.

4 thoughts on “Surfin’ on Wind

  1. This has to be my favorite shoot so far. These pictures are so great!! I love love lOVE the third one…the lighting is gorgeous! great post jyo!

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