Outfit Bits

Every now and then when I’m not able to take pictures of my full outfit for reasons such as, no make-up, unthreaded eyebrows (eeek!), not enough time, lack of sleep, bad hair day etc. – I’ll take quick glimpses of my outfit. This way you can at least see the various pieces I’ve put together and get a mental picture of the ensemble.

I’m starting my week off a bit exhausted; I’ve been working on a painting for my mom all weekend and am still not finished. I haven’t painted in almost two years, and once I get inspired to do something my energy levels just shoot up and I can’t stop myself until I’m finished or I run out of material. I’ve been on an adrenaline rush for three days now and it’s slowly starting to wear off.  I’ll post pictures of the painting as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.

On to the outfit…

Top, Skirt, Brogues – Ross, Blazer – Old Navy, Necklace – F21

It’s a pretty simple work-wear outfit – light purple/oatmeal stripe top, navy cotton skirt, khaki blazer, multi-metal necklace, gray/tawny brogues, hair in  a messy bun. I like that this look is minimalistic – its just proves the point that you only need a few pieces to make a chic outfit. I’m also loving these new brogues – I think they’re going to be a great addition to my fall wardrobe.

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