A Sunflower Scarf

When Ameeta first found this huge field full of sunflowers – she wanted to take pictures (of course she would!) Not that I was opposed! As soon as she told me, I ran to my closet while my mind was whirling through different outfit ideas.

I knew I wanted something that would capture the essence of summer by being colorful, airy and bright. If you’ve been reading my blog, then you’re familiar with the fact I am just starting to open up to the color red. I bought a few pieces at the beginning of summer, including this little red frock. As soon as I saw it hanging in my closet, I knew it would perfect for these pictures.

To break up the look of the dress I first opted to wear a simple tan belt but then I thought about it a little bit more, and wondered how a brightly colored scarf would look. I had bought this one during the spring months because I loved the floral print and colors, so figured I’d put it on with the dress just to see. Next thing you know – I loved it. The mix of colors, patterns and materials brought a different look to the dress and perfectly grabbed that summery-look I was going for.

I already knew that I wanted to pair these earring with the dress; the different shades of silver and gold make them a versatile piece to my collection. When I wear earrings I like to keep the rest of my jewelry a bit minimalistic (that’s just me though) so I opted to wear a couple of gold and cream bracelets to match the earrings plus the color of the scarf.

The rest of the ensemble includes chocolate brown booties which are super comfortable and to keep with the country-girl picking flowers theme (not that I was really going for that look, it just happened) I wore a cross-body saddle bag.

If you’re ever looking to wear a scarf during the summer months and it’s too hot to wear it around your neck try wearing it as belt on a dress, through the hoops of your shorts/pants, tie it on your hand bag or on your head as a headband/wrap. It’s a really simple way to transform these lighter scarves into summer pieces.

Dress – F21, Scarf – Burlington Coat Factory, Brown booties – JC Penney, Earrings and Cream/Gold Bracelet – H&M and F21

Note to self: Do not frolick in sunflowers – it makes you itch…all over!

Photography by Ameeta.

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