MAKE UP / An Every Day Face

Today, I am going to take you back…just for a second…to my high school days. Every morning, I used to put on my face starting with concealer then came foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner and finally…lipstick.

First of all, how did I have that kind of time? Second of all, why did I think that was OK? Third…gross.

These days, none of us have the time to put a full face of make-up on every morning nor do we want to, but we still want to look presentable and natural. I’ve become a lot smarter and more careful about what I put on my face; I’ve found some products that can give me a natural, quick finish while still keeping my skin healthy.

First, I always make sure to thoroughly clean my face, either with soap and water or with Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, then wipe off any excess make-up (usually around the eyes) with a make-up remover cleansing cloth. Then, I apply a moisturizer + sunscreen; I have oily, sensitive skin so I use either Oil of Olay’s Complete All Day UV Moisture Cream – Sensitive Skin or CoverGirl Aqua CG Smoothers – Tinted Moisture (Medium to Dark), if I want to even out my skin tone. Both of these contain SPF 15 and don’t feel heavy on my face nor make me break out. Everyone has different skin so choose a product that works best for you but make sure you get one that is a moisturizer with SPF.

It’s really important to clean and moisturize your face as it helps to prevent build up or dryness and cleans out your pores. Sunscreen is absolutely crucial even if there is no sun; the face is the most sensitive part of your body so you need to make sure you protect it. Also, remember to wash your face every night, preferably with a cleanser, to remove any make-up, oil or dirt. You don’t want that clogging up your pores otherwise you could break out.

Since, I drive to work (which usually takes me a good 45 minutes to hour) I take the super safe approach and put my make-up on between signal lights. Since, I have oily skin I usually have to blot my face with an oil-absorbing sheet. These sheets are amazing – they can capture all the oil from your face and won’t remove or smudge your make-up when you swipe. Note that not all oil-blotting sheets are made out of the same material. Some are made from thin paper that can tear easily with just one stroke on your face others like Clean and Clear’s (my personal favorite) are made out of durable paper and can be used repeatedly on the face.

After that, I’ll put on a few coats of mascara (either L’Orѐal Telescopic Carbon Black or CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion – Very Black). If I’m feeling good I’ll add a bit of winged eye-liner to the outside corner of my eye only, using Maybelline Eyestudio Master Drama Cream Pencil in Midnight Master. Then I apply MAC powder blush in Desert Rose on my cheeks and a bit on my t-zone. I like that this is a matte blush and gives a natural look for everyday wear.  Lastly, I’ll use either Burt’s Bees lip balm or Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm in Mystical if I want a bit of color to my lips.

Here’s a quick breakdown –

  • Wash and clean face.
  • Apply moisturizer + SPF cream/tint.
  • Apply mascara (on rare occassions a bit of eyeliner), blush and lip balm.

That’s it! There isn’t much too my routine – but it’s a simple, fast way for me to add a bit of color and highlight to my face, while still looking natural. (All these products can be found at your local drug store except for the MAC blush).

Are there any specific things you do every morning or any great products that you’ve found that you liked?

5 thoughts on “MAKE UP / An Every Day Face

  1. Jyo, do you have a rec for a more dramatic blush for a going out look? I’ve been looking for something but I feel like I’m not finding anything that looks good on brown peeps.

    • Hi Mili! Couple of my favorites are Sunbasque by MAC (if I want just one color with a bit of shimmer) and Pleasure Me by Victoria Secret (mosaic palette with different shades of pink and bronze). I’m not sure if they still make the VS one, though. I do recommend mosaic palettes because they have different shades of pink and bronze to add both color and highlight. With Indian skin tone its best to go with a darker hue of pink and medium bronzer. If you want a dramatic look make sure both the pink and bronzer have shimmer or light-reflective pigments and there is gold in the palette. Hope that helps!

  2. Hey Jyo! Love the tips.. thanks! I find myself having to put on a pressed foundation/powder and some loose powder before I put on blush – I find that it keeps the makeup on longer throughout the day without me having to reapply. It also covers up some of my blemishes on my cheeks. How does your blush stay on without any foundation? Does the moisturizer hold it in?

    P.S. applying makeup wihle driving – no no!

    • Hi Mun! I know…driving while putting on make-up…bad…very bad! Shockingly, my moisturizer does hold the blush for a good amount of the day. By the time, its gone the day is pretty much over for me! I do agree with you on the foundation/powder to hold your blush for all-day wear – its a great idea!

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