Spearmint Stripes

Yesterday, I had every intention of coming home and being extremely productive (especially because I had bummed around for most of the weekend) – I was going to go to the gym, do my laundry, read a little, work on my blog, and clear up my room. Instead I watched TMZ, ate Nutella, watched bits of Bachelor Pad, America’s Got Talent, and Gossip Girl, and consumed a large fry and coke from Whataburger while playing my guitar. Could it have been any more of an awesome Monday? I don’t think so.

I’m still into mixing brightly colored pieces but sometimes I tone it down a bit for work. I’ll add a colorful accessory here or a top there so it adds just the right amount of color to my ensemble.

I’ve had these yellow heels for over 6 years now and anytime I feel like taking my look up, just a notch – I put them on. I could have easily worn this outfit with some nude flats or close-toe wedge heel but the yellow sandals add a refreshing look to the outfit.

Green/Oatmeal Stripe Top – MNG by Mango (JC Penney), Khaki Crop Pants – H&M, Pewter Belt – F21, Nude Bag – Target, Scarf – Coach (Ameeta’s Closet), Yellow Heels – Seychelles (TJ Maxx)

For whatever reason, the top reminds me of spearmint gum – I guess it’s the green stripes, which also indicate that the shirt is a bit “busy”. Since the top is far from the yellow heels (broken up by a simple pair of khakis) neither of the pieces overwhelm the entire look, though they are both statement items. A nude bag and pink lips compliment the colors in the pants and bracelets, respectively.

These pieces can easily transform into a fall outfit – just add a simple black or navy blazer, flats (any color or print), and a scarf.

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