Same Shirt, Same Necklace – Take Two

Last week I posted this casual-summer outfit. Here’s a more business-approporiate concept using the same button-down shirt and necklace.

The outfit is pretty basic – a striped collar shirt tucked into black pants with black heels. Accessorizing is key when putting together business-wear. I threw in the statement necklace and a skinny leopard print belt to add both a pop of color and a bit of style to the outfit.

If you don’t begin to incorporate a different color belt here, a statement necklace there or throw on a pair of fun heels then you will start to see your business wardrobe become quite mundane and in turn you’ll feel boring. Even adding something as simple as a skinny red or yellow patent belt will bring a fresh look to the ensemble.

Trust me, when you put a just a little more thought into what you’re wearing not only do you feel better about yourself but it helps to make you a bit more productive. I’m not quite sure how this works, but it does work – must be one of those weird brain-telepathic things.

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