Gaming Prints

I love Nintendo. There I said it. My love for playing Nintendo games goes all the way back…okay not like back to Atari days, but to the very first Nintendo game console; with its huge square games that over time we’d have to blow into, just to make it work. My Dad would always buy my little brother and me the newest Nintendo and we’d play that thing to death.

To this day, even with the Wii out, my favorite has to be the Super Nintendo. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty awesome at Mario Brothers and from time to time I like to throw some punches in Mortal Kombat (though my little brother is way more awesome that I am at these games).

Twenty-something years later…I still play Nintendo and I still love it. You would think that since I enjoy playing video games that I’d like going to places like Dave & Busters. Wrong. I actually don’t enjoy it as much as sitting myself down in front of a TV with a controller in my hand. I think it has to do with the fact that no matter how hard I try – I won’t get the satisfaction of really winning because someone out there is going to beat me (yes – I’m competitive) and the fact that these games are definitely rigged!

We recently went to D&B for my brother’s birthday and while everyone else indulged in games my cousin volunteered to take pictures of me while I pretended to play games. However, I did play a few games and won some tickets – so I wasn’t completely away from my alter gaming-ego.

Even though we’d be indoors, there is no way to escape this sweltering Houston heat so I opted to still wear shorts and a tank. It’s a pretty simple outfit with an ikat print top paired with solid hazel colored shorts. The print on this top reminds me of the graphics in the very first Super Mario Brothers game. With its straight lines, sharp angles, and colors the top definately brings me back to all those times I sat infront of the TV beating level after level and thinking how awesome the graphics were!

Since, the color of the shorts falls into the brown category – just about any color or print will go with it. I could have left it just like this and been fine to a casual day at D&B but of course,  I wanted to accessorize.

To take it one step further I added a thin lilac/gold headband to give the outfit a more trendy 70s look and added some stacked bangles. Since, the colors in the headband are muted, the accessory doesn’t overtake anything neck-down and leaves the shirt as the center of the outfit.

If you’re wearing an outfit similar to this (printed top and shorts) and you’re not comfortable with wearing a headband – put on a stack of bangles in various tones and styles, then throw on a pair of flip flops in a different color or with various embellishments. This way it takes an already cute outfit to something a bit more fashion-forward. The key word here is accessorizing.

I completed my look with tan wedges and have a sea green color on my toes and powder blue on my fingers; two of my favorite colors for summer.

Lilac/Gold Braided Headband, Ikat Print Tank, Hazel Linen Shorts, Bracelets, Sea Breeze and Mint Nail Color – F21

Photograhy by Menka.

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