The Necklace

I almost feel like I’m going on some sort of safari expedition here – it must be the buttoned down shirt and it’s definitely the khaki shorts. Then again, who wears wedges on an expedition? You might be thinking no one – I’m thinking Victoria Beckham. Hands down. (By the way, she’s one of my favorite fashion icons).

I adore this necklace but I also don’t normally spend $13.00 on one. I know to some it might sound cheap but to me it’s a risk. Why? Well, it’s simple – I break things…fairly quickly. When I come across something like this I have to ask myself, Is it really worth it?  Eventually, I talk myself into it. So to me, buying something like this could be an immediate sunk cost.

Guess what? It broke and not only did it break  – it broke the very first time I wore it. I had put it on in the morning when I was getting ready for work and all of a sudden I hear hundreds of tiny little beads hit my floor (I’m still picking them up). Turns out one of the strands came loose, broke and all the beads fell.

Based on the picture, it doesn’t look like it’s broken but there are at least 4 or 5 strands embedded with whatever is left of the necklace that have been tied together or cut to hold the rest of the beads in place. I know this necklace isn’t going to last long but I can’t help wearing it. I even handle it like it’s some sort of Crown Jewel that should be kept in the Queen’s vault in the Tower of London (as it has its own special place on my dresser).

I’m really into tribal/ikat prints this summer and this necklace goes perfectly with that theme. Though, it’s a bold statement piece – it’s actually very versatile as it can jazzy up any plain outfit. To wear a piece like this you want to pair it with subtle or solid prints; otherwise, it’ll get lost in the outfit. If this is too bold for you then maybe something like number 5 on this post is better suited to your tastes. Just be careful when you wear a necklace like this, once you get one of those thin strings wrapped around something and you pull…well there it goes…crashing to the ground…

Gray/White Button Down – F21, Khaki Shorts – F21, Beaded necklace – CR, Bracelets – Charming Charlies and F21, Wedges – Ross, Sunglasses – F21, Lipstick – Kiss Me Coral – Revlon

Here’s the infamous front-tie trick again. Since, this is a button down shirt there’s no need to twist the fabric at the end. To do this, just leave one button at the bottom undone and then take the two ends and tie it into a knot. Voila! Am I genius? Not really.

Though, I mentioned in my other post not to show your stomach. I think the front-tie is okay if you follow two rules. 1. Make sure that the bottoms are high enough and the shirt is long enough that when you tie it – it doesn’t overexpose the stomach area. 2. Carry yourself in a classy demeanor if you wear your shirt like this.

Lastly, I was a bit skeptical about wearing these shoes with this outfit because of the silver detailing on them. There really isn’t any silver in my outfit, including the necklace, so the shoes felt a bit out of place when I initially put them on. I was about to discard these and wear my strappy tan heels when I thought I’d try to balance out the silver on the shoes with a bold silver bracelet. With the gray/dark silver stripes in the shirt and the bracelet it helps to even out and tone down the color of the shoes. Therefore, the necklace still remains the statement piece. I swear that thing is going to break into a gabillion pieces one day…

2 thoughts on “The Necklace

  1. I love a good front tie (as you know). It’s a great trick to do with a seemingly ordinary work button down. And my heart breaks for you and the necklace!

  2. Lol! I definitely have a necklace quite similar to this one, which I purchased last year at Aldo (buy-one-get-one free). However, it does not contain the turquoise section. I absolutely adore it.

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