Summer Starburst

Is it just me or was it REALLY hard to wake up this morning and go to work? The 4th of July weekend completely sucked out all my energy but I had such a great time in Port Aransas, TX. We frolicked in the waves, buried my cousin in sand-mud, picked sea shells, dolphin watched, and went horseback riding – all by the beautiful beaches of the Gulf  Coast where we often think “from far its blue but up close its gray” water.

Since, we’re right smack in the middle of summer I thought I’d revisit this post. Here I have 4 summer pieces put together – big sunglasses, a brightly colored striped top and skirt, and wedges. I love this top – to me, it looks like the colors of Starburst candy and I’ve worn it quite a few times already, both in business and casual wear.

I’ve paired it with black slacks and a khaki blazer for work, with these white pants and flip flops for a more casual look, with white or tangerine shorts for running errands and now with this tangerine skirt (which I also wore here). Even though, the shirt has more coral than tangerine, it still complements the skirt since both are printed with bright colors.

It’s a versatile summer piece that always seems to make the day a bit brighter. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend – I’ll post pictures from my short trip soon!

Coral/Raspberry Stripe Top – F21, Tangerine Skirt – F21, White Blazer – CR, Sunglasses – CR, Silver Combo Necklace – F21, Bracelets – H&M, Hazel Clutch – Vintage

Photography by Ameeta.

4 thoughts on “Summer Starburst

    • I had never even heard of Port A until last week! We went horseback riding, dolphin watching and then just hung out at the beach. The water was actually really warm – so glad you didn’t get hurt by the Portuguese Man of War! I totally would have picked it up!

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