No Scrunchie Needed

I doubt I could look any more like a flag here, however I thought it was great for my last tribute to the 4th of July weekend. A couple of things I noticed about this outfit – I’m wearing my dreaded color of choice – red (go me!), I have an obsession with this leopard print clutch and even bigger one for stripes, and I got over 20 mosquito bites on my arms and legs while taking pictures for this post. I can only begin to tell you how much fun that is…

So, remember when it was cool to pull an oversized shirt to the side and tie it with a scrunchie? Bad news – it’s still not cool to do that. However, that trend seems to have recently been modified to look something like this:

I like to call this the front-tie trick (I know…I’m original); it can be used to shorten the length on a top that you might normally wear with pants or leggings. If you do try this trend be careful not to tie it too tight that it scrunches up or too high that your belly button shows. No one wants to see this unless you’re a Victoria Secret model. Keep it classy by tying it at an appropriate length and a bit loose. If there isn’t enough material to make a tie – take the middle portion of the shirt and scrunch it together (like we all did in the 90s), secure it with a rubber band, and tuck it underneath the shirt.

This outfit could easily have turned into something you’d see in the window of Buh-Yah-Kah. To keep it sophisticated I opted to wear a neutral colored, closed-toe heel so as not to overtake the rest of the outfit. By the way, the shoes are Easy Spirit. Oh yes, I did! I normally choose comfort over pain so if that means wearing 60 year old women shoes, so be it – at least they’re cute and go with everything! Simple bracelets keep the embellishments on the shoulders as the focus.

Blue/White Striped Embellished Top – H&M, Red Skirt – F21, Gray Suede Wedges – Easy Spirit, Leopard Clutch – TJ Maxx, Bracelets – Various

I’m so looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, having a BBQ, enjoying this extreme heat (not really) and hopefully getting to venture outside of Houston for a bit. Hope you guys have some fun plans for the holiday and enjoy the fireworks!

8 thoughts on “No Scrunchie Needed

    • Hi Yasmeen! I would listen to my Mom here – Easy Spirit shoes are so comfy and they can be cute…I promise! I just checked out your blog – I love it! Super cute outfits and very inspirational!

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