Floral + Tweed + Linen + Leopard =

When I first bought this white blazer it was meant to be a business wear piece and nothing more. I never imagined that six years later blazers could be casual wear and that I would pair it with tweed shorts, a floral tank, a leopard print belt and heels. This just proves to show how much fashion has evolved in just the last few years.

People are taking fashion risks by pairing different prints, colors and materials together and mixing business with casual wear. Pretty much anything goes – but it does take some creative energy to learn how to pair different pieces in a chic way; which I hope I’ve been teaching you how to do.

Here Chetna is wearing an outfit with the various prints and materials that I mentioned above. What pulls it all together is that the tweed print on the shorts is subtle enough that it doesn’t clash with the floral tank and the white blazer complements the specks of white in the top and shorts. I threw in the leopard print belt because I’m a huge fan of floral mixed with subtle animal print and since it is a skinny belt it doesn’t overtake the outfit; from far it looks like any other tan belt.

Since there is so much going on with the clothing portion of ensemble the best way to keep it (the outfit) the center of attention is to keep the footwear toned down with a neutral colors like tan or brown and the accessories to a minimum. (The color of the shoes also complements the belt). Black shoes would have looked okay but could have drawn attention to the feet instead of the clothes and colored footwear would have made the outfit a bit tacky. Removing the blazer can turn the outfit into something that could be worn to dinner or to a bar.

White Blazer – Charlotte Russe, Floral Tank Top – Wal-Mart, Tweed Shorts – Forever 21, Leopard Belt – Forever 21, Tan Gladiator Heels – Forever 21, Black and Beige Patent Bag – Primark – London, Bracelets – Charlotte Russe

This outfit maybe a bit too much for some girls but it’s a great example of how pairing completely different pieces works, if you’re just a bit creative.

This blazer happens to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet – there’s something about a crisp white blazer that automatically adds a sense of sophistication to almost any outfit.

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