Cupcakes and Trucks

I had such a wonderful and productive weekend – I actually accomplished 5.5 things on my weekend task list!

  1. Cleaning my room and my car.
  2. Getting my eyebrows threaded.
  3. Going to a Body Pump and Zumba class.
  4. Flipping through magazines for inspiration.
  5. Working on my blog.
  6. Practicing taking pictures with my new DSLR camera!
  7. Hemming a few pairs of pants.
  8. Watching horrendous 1-star movies on Netflix. (BEWARE Megashark vs. Crock-a-saurus is NOT good, even if Steve Urkel is in it!)
  9. Working on a painting for my little brother’s room.
  10. Celebrating my little brother’s birthday and Father’s Day! Also celebrating my best friend’s birthday, even though she’s all the way in the UK!

In addition to that, I made these delicious cupcakes for my little brother’s birthday and took pictures for my blog with Ameeta’s little sister, Chetna.

The colors on the cupcakes reminded me of a few things that I pointed out in my summer essentials list – brightly colored tops, shorts and nail polish along with shades and wedge sandals. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll show you how I put together various ensembles (incuding the two below) that incorporate the summer-sentials pieces. This way you can actually see how to include those pieces with some other essentials you have, to create a summer wardrobe.

Remember that I’ve already pointed out in a previous post that having a striped top, belt and tan heels are great pieces to always have so that you can incorporate them with other things to create new outfits. In case, you want to refresh your mind about color-blocking, I talked about it here.

You’ll notice that from time to time I will ask other girls to model outfits for me. What I don’t want when girls read my blog is for them to think Yeah, that looks good on her – it’ll never look good on me. One of my main goals in writing this blog is to prove that no matter your body type, personality or tastes – there is a way that you can be both stylish and creative yet still be true to who you are.

I think the best way to prove that this is to show girls how something might look like on other people who have different body frames than mine. Along with doing this, I’ll also share tips or ideas that I’ve learned from my friends and acquaintances. This way my readers can stop being bored from looking at me over and over again and get to see what other girls look like in various ensembles or read about their ideas.

Remember to always do what is comfortable for you but take risks – you’ll never know what might end up looking fabulous!

Yellow Ruffle Tank – Banana Republic, Blue Jean Skirt – Ross, Multi-colored clutch – Mexico, Bracelets – Various, Earrings – Forever 21, Belt – Unknown

Blue/Gray Linen Blazer – Forever 21, Navy/White Striped Shirt – Arden B., Tangerine Shorts – Banana Republic, Beige Purse – Target, Shades – Charlotte Russe, Bracelets – Various, Scarf – Coach

Thanks to Chetna and Ameeta for helping me with my blog. You guys are awesome!

Photography by Ameeta.

2 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Trucks

  1. those cupcakes look absolutely mouthwatering.

    and great idea spicing up your blog with new faces. i look forward to more stellar posts! love the jewelry!

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