Lazy Friday

You know its Friday when you wake up to the song Lazy by Bruno Mars playing in your head. 1. I really don’t even like that song. 2. It made brushing my teeth very difficult this morning. As the day progresses, I hope to replace it with Bruno’s Mars’s equally horrendous song, Grenade. To bring yet another work week to a close, I wanted to share a really simple tip on how to take a dressy outfit that you might wear over the weekend to how you could accessorize it to wear to work the following week.

I first wore this dress here and here but I obviously can’t wear it to work like this; I simply put on a blazer and nude flats to turn it into something that was more work-appropriate. Other ideas could be pairing a top with a suit, wearing open-toe shoes instead of sandals, putting on a cardigan, or even putting your hair up – all of these will give you a more sophisticated work look. Adding essential items that I’ve mentioned before can automatically transform you outfit from day to night wear. I could easily remove my blazer and be in an outfit that allows me to go grab drinks with friends after work. Look for versatile pieces (blazers, suits, slacks, closed-toe shoes and so on) to help you effectively transform your wardrobe.

Floral Dress – Primark – London, Lilac Sateen Blazer – London, Beige and Black Patent Bag – Primark – London, Gold/Black/Leopard Bangle Set – H&M, Black Chain Link Belt – Primark – London, Nude Steven Madden Flats – Ross

It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! (Did I really just write this?)

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