Adagio in C Minor

When I was younger, I remember anytime that we got into a car with my Dad he would instantantly put in a Yanni soundtrack and blast it the entire way to our destination—tapping the steering wheel like it was a drum, mimicking the violin playing or just bobbing his head up and down. I grew up listening to Yanni and just like my Dad I find myself drawn to his music and listen to it myself in my own car. For those of you who have never heard of Yanni – I suggest you type in his name in You Tube and watch a couple of his videos. He is definitely one of the most brilliant musicians/composer that I have ever come across. He has a way of incorporating various sounds, instruments and people from all over the world to create beautiful music – I always feel so inspired after listening to one of his tracks.

Tonight, for the very first time my Dad and I are going together to his concert! My Dad has never been to a concert before, so for his birthday this year I got these tickets knowing he would enjoy his very first concert with one of his favorite artists.

Since, I’m going to the concert right after work – I wanted to wear something that was work/concert appropriate.

When putting together an outfit that you’d like to wear day and night – try and pick out a dressy piece and then mix it with a more casual piece. The black sateen pants and top bring a dressy effect to the outfit while the yellow cardigan and red flats not only add a punch of color but also bring the outfit to a more business-casual level that I can wear to work.

I recently bought this necklace from Forever 21 and I love it because it has three types of colored chains  in it – gold, silver, and gunmetal silver so it can be paired with just about any outfit. A leopard print clutch completes my look.

Mustard Yellow Cardigan – NY & Co., Black Sateen Tank Top – Target, Black Sateen Crop Pants – Charlotte Russe, Red Flats – Ross, Gold/Silver/Gun Metal Knotted- Chain Necklace – Forever 21

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