Gleek Love

Unlike the rest of the world I’m two years behind when it comes to watching GLEE. Over the weekend, I watched over half of the first season in one sitting – talk about a lazy Saturday. I’m not a huge fan of musicals but this show does a great job of incorporating music with issues that teens and adults face everyday – bullying, hate, love, perseverance, frustration and so on. These days it’s sad to see how cruel kids and people can be to each other and makes me feel really fortunate that I have such a great support system to help me when or if I need it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for hundreds of people out there.

Watching the show reminded me of something I participated in this past February. I’ve mentioned in my Who is Jo? page that along with fashion – I also have a passion for designing. For me, this just doesn’t relate to clothes but I also enjoy designing flyers, invitations, and other kinds of publications. I decided to enter a t-shirt design contest for the organization, Love is Louder – It’s a great organization that provides help and support to those that feel like they are being misunderstood or mistreated. Their message is to relay the fact that love does conquer all and with the right amount of it – you can overcome just about anything.

Here is the design that I submitted (whoever won would receive a trip to California and have their design printed on t-shirts that were going to be sold in Rock & Republic stores nation-wide):

Anytime I set out to design or create something – I always ask myself two things. One – What is my message? and two – How can I incorporate my message by thinking outside the box?

With these two questions in mind – I came up with a design that not only incorporated their message but mine as well – that there is always someone out there, with an open heart who is willing to hear you out.

I designed the heart with a dotted line to represent to the open-ness of one’s heart and shaped one side of it to look like an ear, with the message Love is Louder progressively getting larger to represent the impact of the word louder. I thought that this was a great image of the message I wanted to portray to others.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the contest but it felt really good to have the chance to contribute something to an organization that reaches out to provide support and love to hundreds of people. I also encourage you to find things that not only inspire your fashion style but also the style of your personality.

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