A Floral Engagement

I remember when I used to walk home from elementary school and stop to pick flowers out of my neighbor’s front yards. By the time, I got home I ended up with a nice little bouquet of white and yellow flowers and would place them in a cleaned-out Welch’s grape juice bottle. It was always a nice little addition to our quaint little apartment and I very much enjoyed looking at my flowers instead of those frilly – floral – i feel like a giant cupcake/you look soooo pretty frocks my mom would put me in.

Over time, I’ve realized two things. One – I don’t pick flowers anymore. Why that’s come to be – I have no idea but it’s definitely something that I should start doing again. Two – my Mom had it right all along – floral pieces do make you look pretty.

Flowers bring about such a feminine and sweet touch that it should be found in every girl’s closet. Much like colored pieces – floral can be tricky too. You don’t want to end up wearing a piece that has a tacky or outdated floral print or one that will make you look like a five-year old girl. Again, floral can be found just about anywhere – dresses, skirts, blazers, headbands, shoes and so on. Depending on how you want to wear floral (business, casual or dressy) determines what prints will work and what won’t. I’ve divided my floral segment into three different posts – Business/Casual, Casual, and Dressy. Each segment plays up floral pieces in a different way as to show you how to wear this pattern on different occasions.

When picking floral for a business/casual look – try to find pieces that have smaller, simpler flowers on it. Then pair it with other solid color pieces. Stick with skirts, blazers or dresses with minimal floral print if you want to keep it business appropriate and dress it up with accessories or shoes.

I’ve mentioned before that its always helpful to use the colors in a specific piece to put together the rest of the outfit. Here, I’ve used the colors off the skirt – light sea green – chiffon top, blue/navy – blazer, and emerald-green – necklace. Nothing looks out of place because its coordinated with colors in the skirt. Nude flats completed the look so as to not take away from the rest of the ensemble.

Floral blazers make a great addition to your work wardrobe if chosen in the correct pattern. Again, you want to make sure that the floral detail is small or minimal so you’re outfit doesn’t look overwhelming in your work environment.

Here, I’ve paired the blazer with jeans to keep it casual but keep in mind that black, navy, brown mustard or tan pants would have worked just as well by giving you a sophisticated look. Black suede pumps completed this look.

To play off the brown in the blazer I added a leopard print belt and a deep-hazel patent clutch. The leopard print belt works because its skinny enough that it doesn’t overtake the print of the blazer but also gives the outfit a clean, cut look.

Not all work environments are the same – some places won’t let you wear a floral print blazer or skirt like I have on. This is where you have to learn to experiment with patterns and think outside the box. Other alternatives include pairing a floral top underneath your business jacket/suit, simply wearing a scarf or a pair of shoes in this print or even adding a small flower pin, brooch, or necklace. There’s always some alternative you can take as far as incorporating this print into your work wardrobe – you just have to get out there and look for it.

One of my best friends, Ameeta, is extremely creative and crafty and I often find myself going to her for advice. Not only is she great at styling pieces but she’s an awesome photographer. She helped me with my floral photo shoot by taking these amazing shots and also directing me. Here are a few other outtakes from this part of our shoot. Check back next week for our casual and dressy floral-print ensembles!

Floral Skirt – Forever 21, Light Sea Green Chiffon Tank – Target, Navy Blue Blazer – Ross, Diamond/Emerald Green Necklace – Forever 21, Nude Patent Flats – Steve Madden

Navy Floral Blazer – Charlotte Russe, Charcoal Gray Tank Top – Charlotte Russe, Dark-Blue Skinny Jeans – Forever 21, Black Studded Suede Pumps – Ross, Deep Hazel Patent Clutch – Vintage (Ameeta’s Closet)

 Photography by Ameeta.

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