Beauty Basket

Easter was this past Sunday and unfortunately for me that meant all my favorite stores were closed. I thought I’d pop into CVS since I needed to replace my eyeliner (and it was the only place that was really open). Classic me – I ended up buying a few more items that I intended to and filled my Easter basket with some beauty treats.

 L’oréal – The One Sweep Eye Shadow (Natural – For All Eyes)

When I first saw a commercial for this eye shadow – I thought it was too good to be true. The compact comes with one palette of three coordinated colors that when applied, using the contoured applicator brush – defines, colors and highlights your eyes. I thought it would be perfect if you’re in a rush and quickly need to put on eye shadow without having to mess with a few different shadows or brushes (and still get the full of effect of having done your eye makeup).

I tried it on as soon as I got home and to my dismay it was not as awesome as I thought it would be. First of all, the color comes on light so you actually have to sweep twice not once. Secondly, the colors end up blending together without giving a real smokey eye look. Third, if worn for a long period of time – it does crease so you have to wear primer. Lastly, it’s a wee bit expensive – around $9.99 (if you really want it – wait till it’s on sale or find a coupon).

The one good thing about this product is that if you are in a rush and need to quickly highlight your eyes – this does help, but just don’t expect something fantastic out of it.

L’oreal – The One Sweep Eye Shadow – CVS $9.99

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara (Blackest Black)

Revlon has never been my go-to beauty line. However, I’m a huge sucker for mascara and when I saw this one – I had to get it. What drew me to this mascara is that the wand has a twist-cap that can change the position and length of the bristles on the brush. One Click – Length & Drama, Two Clicks – Length & Definition.

There are subtle difference in the two lashes but it’s still a great mascara that covers, lengthens, and defines. I ended up buying the water-resistant formula because I need it for the summer when I go to the lake or beach.

Left Eye: Click One – Length & Drama, Right Eye: Click Two – Length & Definition

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara – CVS $7.99

Bobby Pins and Ponytailers (Black)

One of my favorite easy to-do styles is to braid a little bit of hair on one side of my head, tie it with a band, pull it back and fasten it down with a couple of bobby pins. It’s a quick way to change up your style and gives you a clean, sophisticated look. I’m constantly losing bobby pins and hair ties – so I figured I’d stock up on some more. I bought the mini elastic ponytail holders for my hair because they’re small and blend into your hair when you pull it back. You don’t want to use a thick hair tie because it can look a bit tacky against your hair.

Neon Rubber Hair Ties

With the summer months coming up I thought it would be fun if I could pull my hair back with a neon colored tie instead of a black one. Neon is going to be really hot this summer plus I can add a bit of color to my outfit by simply using a hair tie. Even if you had a couple of them on your wrists – you could pass it off as bracelets.

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